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The project contributes to the transnational mobility of cultural operators and cultural products created by the project, such as publications on different cultural heritage themes and languages which will be circulated widely across Europe. It promotes intercultural dialogue by creating a platform across Europe, including south and north, new and old member states.

Artistic and crafts’ creativity is encouraged, tourism is promoted and environmental sustainability related to sheep farming is enhanced. Cultural activities are revived reinforcing the social identity of upland areas. Thus, the common cultural identity of sheep farming territories may be strengthened, aided by a network of sheep farming and pastoral life museums and interpretation centres, as well as publications, exhibitions and conferences, among other things, aiming to raise awareness of the value of such heritage among the public and the ethnographic profession.

Project outputs include:

  • ten Thematic Research Reports
  • Handicrafts based on the products of the sheep (wool, leather etc)
  • Architecture related to sheep farming activities
  • Pastoral life : Everyday life objects, life-styles
  • Transhumance routes
  • Landscape and sheep farming
  • Cuisine based on sheep products,
  • Oral tradition, myths, legends, celebrations, music and songs
  • Traditional food technology (diary products, meat)
  • Pastoral life in art
  • Rural economy based on sheep farming – tourism, ecology, named origin products etc
  • seven thematic exhibitions including audio-visual exhibits organised in six different European countries
  • an international, cross-thematic, exhibition, presenting an integrated view of the European cultural heritage that relates to the sheep and pastoral life in Budapest
  • an inventory of visual documents (ethnographic materials, photographs, artworks etc)
  • a recipe book
  • DVDs on pastoral music
  • DVD on transhumance routes
  • two international conferences and six transnational workshops in the partner-countries
  • A virtual museum linked to the website of the project  presenting a synthesis of all the material collected and presented in the sever thematic exhibitions
  • An educational computer-based game for schools aiming to understand better the life of shepherds and the social, cultural, economic and environmental factors in this traditional activity, together with a DVD containing the educational programme developed to help creative expression of young people.


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With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union
With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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