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"Handicrafts from sheep and goat raw material & Traditional Food Technology based on sheep and goats"

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Chamber of Commerce, Mytilini, Lesvos

The Social and Cultural Digital Documentation Lab anounces that on the 18th of October 2013 the opening of the CANEPAL exhibition took place at the Chamber of Commerce, in Mytilini, Lesvos. The title of the exhibition is:"Handicrafts from sheep and goat raw material & Traditional Food Technology based on sheep and goats"

The General Secretary of the North Aegean Region, the Mayor of Lesvos and the Chairman of the Lesvos Chamber of Commerce addressed the opening ceremony.

The exhibition curator, Prof. Sotiris Chtouris, along with the scientific team, presented the aims and the content of the exhibition, namely:

The presentation of common cultural characteristics in the European pastoral heritage based on sheep and goats, as well as the creation of on-line documentation and research material . The exhibition of artistic cultural heritage of pastoral communitites from all over Europe, debate on sustainability issues in modern small- scale dairy farms. Development of Networking and exchange of best practices between scientists and professionals in the area of pastoral cultural heritage, using IT technology. Promotion of intercultural dialogue between the local population and the visitors of the island in the broader framework of the European Cultural Heritage. Sensitization and mobilization of public opinion, especially young people, on issues of rural ccultural heritage based on on – line educational games, creative activitis for schoolchildren and a virtual museum.

The CANEPAL Exhibition aims at an innovative and attractive presentation of traditional rural heritage, promoting a participatory approach to children and young people.

The 200 visitors of the exhibition opening showed vivid interest for the exhibits, namely:

Objects from the traditional pastoral world, such as the Loom, woolen blankets and carpets of high artistic value, as well as cheese making tools and pottery, from all the participating European countries. Photographs and representations of traditional pastoral activities. Video presentations of cheese making and other Artistic works, paintings, symbolic representations made especially for the Exhibition based on the creative dynamics of the exhibition organizing team. Live activities, such as weaving on the loom, basket weaving. Participation of the visitors in cheese-tasting (15 different local cheeses), as well as traditional bread and delicacies prepared by the Women's Cooperative of the village of Agiassos.

The Organizing Team, Sotiris Chtouris, Nikos Dionysopoulos, Eleni Liva, Flora Tzelepoglou, Katerina Apostolidou and Malama Rentari, talking to the local media, expressed their view that this exhibition intends to offer a considerable support and boost to local producers and their quality products, making them known and appreciated through an innovative cultural experience, in a European cultural heritage framework.

The Exhibition was acively supported by Local Cultural Associations, the Chamber of Commerce and the University of the Aegean.

Click here to see some photos of the event.

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With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union
With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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