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 "The inexhaustible wealth"

Invitation BG 

Regional Museum of History in Smolyan, Bulgaria

8 March - 8 September 2013

The "Inexhaustible Wealth - the Oral tradition and shepherds music in Europe" is the first thematic exhibition in CANEPAL project which was opened on March 8th 2013. The Bulgarian partner, the National Museum of History, had the responsibility to organise this exhibition, presenting the elaboration of the theme as documented in the research carried out on theme 7. by the project partnership: Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Poland.

The exhibition venue
The Regional Museum of History in Smolyan, the temporary exhibitions hall of 250 m2

8 March – 8 September 2013

The message
The exhibition is an invitation to learn more about the pastoral songs and tunes, tales and legends. To submerge into a wonderful but also hard world and have fun from the heart! The poetic suggestions of this world reaffirm the understanding that herding is in the basis of the European civilization. And that the system of values stored in the intangible cultural heritage is common for the shepherds in the European countries, united in caring for the flocks, in overcoming the difficulties and enjoying free life in the mountains.

The content
In the exhibition hall are installed an information sector with interactive area and six main sections/topics: 1. Ancient myths and Gospel legends; 2. The poetic image of the shepherd in folk songs; 3. Shepherd music; 4. Symbols of the holiday and everyday life; 5. Patron saints of the shepherds in Europe; 6. Tales and proverbs about sheep and shepherds. The last topic is presented in two interactive spaces: the first one bridging the songs and music sections and the second one at the end of the exhibition tour as a transition to the children ateliers area.

The media
The exhibition consist of objects lend from the collections of the co-organisers and the associate partners, namely:
National Museum of History – 33 objects
Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – 20 objects
Regional Museum of History Smolyan – 33 objects
National Academy of Art – 52 objects
Museum Kresow in Lubazcow, Poland – 6 objects
Hungarian Open Air Museum in Szentendre – 5 objects
Estonian National Museum in Tartu – 3 objects
Privately owned – 3 objects
Total 155 objects

The collection of artifacts is complemented by audio-visual material: interpretative panels, photographs and videos communicating further ideas and explaining the exhibition theme and message. The exhibition successfully implements the idea that the use of multimedia and e-exhibits gives practically unlimited possibilities to enrich the thematic content. Base selection set in computers shows lots of music, recorded legends, electronic riddles and a film–animation of the story of the lying shepherd: the Aesopian fable known mainly as part of the oral tradition in Europe from the Antiquity to the present days.

A big screen projection of the documentary about the festivities on the occasion of St. George's Day, a film of the early 1980-s by prof. Georg Kraev is to be seen at the end of the exhibition tour.

The exhibition opening
The first big event in the exhibition was the opening ceremony. It was visited by more than 150 persons. They enjoyed the musical performances of the folk groups from the village of Momchilovci, Smolyan region in the Mid Rhodopes, and the unique group "Our Song," of the descendants of the traveling shepherds Armani from the town of Velingrad in the West Rhodopes, as well as un old Swedish pastoral flute melody played by Anna Westman.

Dr. Zsolt Shari, CANEPAL project manager, Dr. Leonora Boneva, national project manager, Ms. Tanya Mareva, director of the Regional Museum of History–Smolyan, and Mrs. Petya Pamporova, a chief secretary of Smolyan region shared in their speeches the satisfaction of this important cultural event for the city and for the country, as well as for the whole CANEPAL partnership.



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With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union
With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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