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"Lamb in the kitchen"

Skanzen Gallery – Szentendre, Hungary

11/04/2014 – 31/10/2014

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The Hungarian thematic exhibition „Lamb in the kitchen" opened its doors on 11th April 2014 at Hungarian Open Air Museum, Szentendre, Hungary. The main purpose of the exhibition is to present the wealth of sheep-based cuisine in the European countries. The idea of cuisine of every human society is largely ethnically charged and often it is the sign of diversity between communities and ethnic groups. We can find several sheep consume regions in Europe, where the sheep based cuisine is still representative. Nowadays sheep meat only accounts for 6 percent of the world's meat consumption, however lamb is a mainstay of the European diet and has been for centuries. The aim of the exhibition is to show the various aspects of sheep consume in Europe.

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Seven thematic topics are displayed on the basis of the research unit. The introducing part presents a brief historical background of sheep consume in an European context. The second part speaks about the sheep and its meat. The most important product we get from sheep is meat, which is a relevant component of our diet. Sheep are butchered into a range of specific cuts of meat which can be used for different dishes and which can cook in different ways. As generally most of the meat, mutton was also eaten fresh, but a few methods for preservation are known as well. The third part of the exhibition presents the most common preservation methods, such as freezing, drying, curing and smoking, highlighting the biggest object of the exhibition, a 2 meters tall refrigerator used by butchers. Other sections of the exhibition presents the cheese making method, the technology of cooking mutton, occasions for a meal, festivals connected to mutton cooking, restaurants and local products.

The exhibition consist of objects and photographic material lend from the collections of the co-organisers and also from several public institution. More than 100 objects were displayed in the exhibition, and 3 art works were exhibited too. The collection of artifacts is complemented by audio-visual material, multimedia content and e-exhibits, such as an interactive panel presenting the different cut of meat, and a film montage showing the most typical mutton dishes from Europe.


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With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union
With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union

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