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Conference Abstracts V 1.0


PLENARY SESSION 1. Cultural Heritage of Pastoral Life: the Background

Chair: Dr Fouli Papageorgiou

“The CANEPAL Project - European Challenge and Possibility”

Dr Miklós Cseri, Deputy State Secretary for Culture, Ministry of Human Resources, Hungary, former Director General of The Hungarian Open Air Museum

PLENARY SESSION 2. Pastoral heritage and Economic Development

Chair: Prof. sotiris Chtouris

“Tangible and Intangible Pastoral Heritage and Economic Development”,

Sadry Sharifi, International Officer of the Inter-City Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network, South Korea

“A Picture of the European Sheep Economy”

Dr Raul de Arriba, University of Valencia, Spain Dr Maja Barac, University of Valencia, Spain

"The Modern Sheep Farmer, his Life And Times: A Qualitative Analysis Of 20 European Case Studies"

Dr Raul de Arriba, University of Valencia, Spain Dr Maja Barac, University of Valencia, Spain Dr Simon Bell, Estonian University of Life Science, Estonia

“Products of the Greek Sheep and Goat Farming: Ecology, Technical Systems, Localities”

Dr Evangelos Karamanes, Senior Researcher, Acting Director, Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens, Greece

Workshop 1: Oral Tradition of Pastoral Life

Chair: Dr Leonora Boneva Rapporteur:Tamara Faár

“Expression of Pastoral Music Tradition from the Past to the Present”

Dr Natalia Rashkova, Assoc. Prof. PhD, IEFSEM - BAS, Bulgaria

“Customs, Rituals and Celebrations: Performing Aspects of Contemporary Pastoral Life”

Dr Zoi N. Margari, Research Fellow, Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens, Greece

“Music of Pan. The Revitalization of ‘Pastorality’ in Contemporary Cretan Music”

Dr Dimitrios Papageorgiou, Associate Professor, University of the Aegean  

Workshop 2: Pastoral Architecture - Pastoral Life in Art

Chair: Ivy Nanopoulou Rapporteur: Eleni Kolovou

“Pastoral Architecture in Europe: Lessons to be learnt from Tradition”

Dr Fouli Papageorgiou, Architect, PRISMA Centre for Development Studies

“The Mitata of the Nida Plateau and the Archaeological Forests of Mount Psiloritis”

Giorgis N. Petrakis, Architect, Greece (text in Greek)

“Sarakatsan Architecture”

Kostas Kouremenos, Architect, Greece

“The Ram and the Artist - Face to Face, Childish Perceptions from the Prehistory to Nowadays”

Martin Yordanov, Sculptor, Bulgaria

Workshop 3: Everyday Life of Shepherds, Cuisine and Handicrafts

Chair: Dr Evangelos Karamanes Rapporteur: Henri Järv

“Heritage of Pastoral Everyday Life-a European Comparison”

Stanislaw Makara, Director of the Kresow Museum in Lubaczow, Poland

“Lamb in the Kitchen - The History and Possibility of the Sheep-based Cuisine in Europe”

Dr Zsolt Sári, Scientific Director of the Hungarian Open Air Museum, Hungary

“Healing Practices of Shepherds - from Past to Present”

Tamara Faár, Ethnographer, Museologist, Hungarian Open Air Museum, Hungary

Workshop 4: Landscape and Transhumance

Chair: Dr Miklόs Cseri Rapporteur: Demetris Mylonas

“Transhumance Routes in Europe”

Edouard de Laubrie, Federation of Agricultural Museums and Rural Heritage (AFMA), France

“Sheep and the Landscape: An Assessment of Pastoral Landscapes in Greece”

Dr Aikaterini Gkoltsiou, Landscape Architect

“Transhumant Shepherds Heritage - for Whom? From Nostalgia to Eco-touristic Business”

Dr Leonora Boneva, Senior Curator National History Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria

“The Transformations of Pastoral Landscapes”

Dr Paraskevas Potiropoulos, Researcher, Hellenic Folklore Research Centre, Academy of Athens

PLENARY SESSION 3. Pastoral Heritage Past and Present

Chair: Dr Aikaterini Polymerou-Kamilaki

Sub-session 1. Approaching the Public: MuseumDisplays and Education

“The Presentation of Pastoral Life in Museum Exhibitions and Collections”

Dr Zsolt Sári, Scientific Director of the Hungarian Open Air Museum, Hungary

“Techno-Shepherds at the Sheep Museum: Promoting Pastoral Life Heritage using a Blended Approach of Physical and Digital Games”

Andreas Papadopoulos,Mechanical Engineer (MEng, MSc), Greece & Maria Saridaki, Fellow Researcher, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

Sub-session 2. From recent history to Antiquity

“Sheep and Goat Herding and Secondary Products in Mycenaean Greece (14th-13th cent. BC)”

Dr Ioannis Fappas, Archaeological Museum of Thebes

“Transition from Tradition to Modern and Mountainous Cultures in Greece”

Prof. Sotiris Chtouris, University of the Aegean, Greece

PLENARY SESSION 4. Rural Development and Sustainability

Chair: Dr Miklós Cseri

“Transhumance in Spain: Past, Present and Future”

Jesús Garzón, President of the Trashumancia Y Naturaleza Association, Spain

“Sheep and Goat Farming and Rural Development in Greece”

Dr Ioannis Hadjigeorgiou, Assistant Professor, Athens University of Agricultural Sciences

“Rural Sustainability and Management of Natural Resources in Tian Shan Region, Central Asia”

Polina Lemenkova, PhD Student, Charles University in Prague



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